A Surface-Level Guide: What to do in Portland, ME

I've been going to Portland, ME, every summer for most of my life.  The trips are never long, but I can always fit in a lot of stuff—Portland's good like that.

If you've got an upcoming trip there, consider working in a few of the suggestions below.  

Local friends - let me know if I missed anything up and coming.  As always this is hardly a definitive list, but what I've found in my time around Casco Bay.

Coffee ☕

  • Tandem (https://www.instagram.com/tandemcoffeeroasters/): There's always a line out the door of this place for a reason.  Built into an old service station, they roast top-notch coffee and have some of the best baked goods and breakfast sammies at any coffee shop.  Note that this isn't a place to post up with a laptop.  There's no wifi or plugs in sight.

Breakfast 🍩

Dinner 🍽️

Seafood 🦞

Bars and breweries 🍻

See / Do 😎

Day Trips 🏝️

  • Great Diamond Island Drinks and or Dinner: (https://www.crownjewelportland.com/ and https://www.diamondsedgerestaurantandmarina.com/): Beautiful island that you can quickly get to by public ferry from the docs in downtown Portland.  It's a less popular tourist destination than neighboring Peaks Island which gives it a slightly slower vibe.  The ferry drops you off in a lovely cove where you can wander around the island, hang out on the pier, walk to two great restaurants, or visit the old military barracks that have been turned into an inn.  I highly suggest you check out the Crown Jewel Restaurant linked above!
  • Long Island Sandy Beach Trip (https://goo.gl/maps/x6jwdEoHfzT7qAxg6): Long Island is a sleepy island that you can get to by public ferry.  I think the only business on the island is an old convince store.  The island boasts the best sandy beaches in the area, and they're a pretty well-kept secret!  Take the ferry, grab a bottle of chilled wine and some chips from the convenience store, and walk the twenty minutes from where the ferry lets you off to the beach.  

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